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Barista Joe's Holiday Blend Spiked Recipe Barista Joes

Barista Joe's Holiday Blend Spiked Recipe

Barista Joe’s did something outside of the box this year. We combined 3 of the most requested flavors of the holiday season and meticulously tested different amounts of each of the 3 flavors to find the perfect balance. This flavor combination has never been done before, and we think we stumbled upon something amazing. Every sip you take of this coffee is like heaven on earth. Subtle bits of gingerbread, with smooth chocolate that glides over your tongue and then a little bit of peppermint to finish the ride. For our customers who want to add a little bit of Godiva White Chocolate Liquor to their coffee during the holiday, we have concocted an amazing recipe that is 100% going to be your most memorable moment during the cold winter mornings of the holiday season. WOW is all we can say. Ingredients 2 teaspoons ​brown sugar 1 or 2 Kcups of our Barista Joes Holiday Blend 1 1/2 ounces ​Godiva White Chocolate Liquor – Click Here To Purchase 1 ounce heavy cream (lightly whipped) Purchase the Holiday Blend Kcups here: Holiday Blend K-cups

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