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Wholesale Faqs

  • About your coffee
    • Where do you get your coffee?

      All of our coffee is sourced from private farms in either El Salvador for our Bold and Breakfast Blends which is grown at 400 to 1,200 ft or Columbia for our decaf blends grown between 600 and 1,200 ft.

    • How fresh is your coffee?

      Our coffee beans are delivered as raw green coffee bi-monthly on shipping containers. Because we are located in Florida we receive the coffee only 2 weeks after the beans have been naturally dries. We roast coffee daily and your coffee is packaged within 1 week of roasting allowing the beans enough time for proper degassing after the roast. It is packaged and without delay sent to your facility for distribution. Our coffee doesn’t sit in our warehouse for months or even a year as some of our competitors meaning your guests will experience the freshest cup of coffee presently available in the single-serve market.

    • Are there any brewing recommendations or special directions?

      Because all of our coffee is made for the single-cup K-Cup Brewer it couldn’t be simpler to enjoy our coffee. Simply pop into your single-serve K-Cup Brewer turn on and press the brew button.

    • How much coffee comes in each order?

      Our K-Cups for the hospitality industry can be ordered by the pallet (9,000 cups), half pallet (4,500 cups), or quarter pallet (2,100 cups). Recurring monthly delivery available for additional discounts with a 1-year contract.

    • What coffee machines is your coffee compatible with?

      K-Cup Brewers only.

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