ABout Us

Our Story

Started by Real Coffee Lovers

DCAM Group was started by Chris and Dean’s passion for good coffee. As business owners, both partners traveled extensively, often staying in some of the best hotels in the world. However, as coffee aficionados, they soon realized that most hotels carried cheap, watery coffee, sacrificing taste and quality as a means to cut costs. There had to be a solution.

Committed to Quality

Chris and Dean started sourcing their own single-origin coffee from Brazil, El Salvador, and Colombia. They found that they could produce better coffee with no preservatives in single-serve containers that tasted great. By fully automating the single-serve coffee and roasting their own coffee at their location, they were able to offer better coffee at a much more affordable price.

Roasted Fresh Daily

We now offer a Medium or City Roast, a Full City Roast, and a Dark Roast. All of our coffee beans are roasted fresh daily at our onsite roasting facility and checked for consistency and overall quality. We use only the freshest green beans that are delivered to our facility twice a month. Although green beans can be stored for up to a year, our green beans are used within two weeks of receiving them. We offer the fastest farm to cup process with no preservatives ensuring you will always receive freshly roasted coffee.


Choose Your Blend

Choose from one of our signature blends or mix & match for a more diverse selection.

Send Your Logo

Our team of designers will create a captivating, visually appealing lid design with your logo and name.

Get Your Blend

Once approved, order your first batch of coffee, and it will arrive in 2 weeks or less.